Games Played – November 07

The December music season takes its toll and I just could not get myself to sit and update. Anyway the hit game for November 07 was TTR – Switzerland with 11 plays. Fist of Dragonstones is now our favorite 4 palyer family game and there were 6 plays. Our staple diet of 2 player  San Juan continued with 3 plays and 3 plays of  Settlers as well. Cartagena, Elasund, King Me, LOTR: The Confrontation, Thurn & Taxis and T&T Power and Glory all saw 2 plays each. 10 days in Africa, Cleo and the SOA, Coloretto, Get the Goods, Mystery Rummy Jack the Ripper, Princes of Florence, Puerto Rico, Thebes and Union Pacific – 1 play each.