The Heroscape quest

Heroscape really occupied my boardgame shopping this year in the US. I hardly went to a single game store. Main reason was that I was scouting Kmarts, Walmarts and Targets to see if any HS was available. I finally did find some boosters for 6$ in Charlotte. Also I have been sourcing sme euros regularly from the UK and so have a decent number of unplayed games at home. Also the missus is already beginning to complain about the lack of space in the house to store the games.

The addition of the Nintendo Wii is not helping things. After many many years I bit the vide game bullet and got the Wii and am just loving it.

But the good news is that Varadu has learnt Puerto Rico and this will keep the afternoons going wel form sometime.


Games played July 08

I haven’t posted in 4 months! Ok so I’d better this going again. Looking abck on July, not a great month. Here is the list of games played

Cartagena, Heroscape, Princes of Florence – 4 plays

Alhambra – 3 plays

Through the Desert, TTR:1910 USA – 2 plays

Colosseum, Dos Rios, Elasund, Marrakesh, Portobello Market, Power Grid, Ra, Railroad Tycoon, Settlers of Catan, TTR Switzerland & Vikings – 1 play

The fascination for Heroscape just began as I will detail in future posts.

Game shelves

There has been some reorganisation in the house and we’ve managed to pack in all the games I have into two big cupboards. Aarthi feels we don’t have that many games now! So I have a chance to increase my collection this year. Great

Games played June 08

Heroscape – 9 plays

The game of the month really. Terrific to just set up the terrain and lot of fun to play with Sushanth. I am as excited as he is to just handle the figures, set them up choose armises and go at each other. We played one of the 3 player scenarios with Aarthi and she found it to be fun also. Now I need more expansions, booster packs and a good Dice Tower. Man am I hooked!

Princes of Florence – 5 plays

Portobello Market & Vikings – 3 plays

Pandemic – 2 plays

Terrific new game for the month. I want to play more of it next month.

Balloon Cup, Cartagena, Carcassonne, Coda, Colosseum, Elasund, Lost Cities, Marracash, Pirate’s Cove, Power Grid, Ra, Saikoro, San Juan, T&T, T&T Power & Glory, TTR USA1910, Tutankhamen, Transeuropa – 1 play

Games played May 08

Am hardly getting time to update this blog. So here is a rather belated post. I will get it more up to date now I think.

Princes of Florence – 5 plays

Ra & Vikings – 4 plays

Nice to play Ra again. This time Sushanth joined Aarthi and me and it was great fun.

Battlelore, Intrigue & Power Grid – 3 plays

Intrigue was a real surprise hit at home Sushanth loves it but it is getting difficult to find more plays on a regular basis because the games works best with 5 and we rarely get 5 players together. Battlelore was good and Aarthi preferred it to Memoir 44 so this should see more plays. But set up is not helping things at the moment.

10 days in Africa, Bohnanza, For Sale, Modern Art, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, San Juan, That’s life, Zooloretto & TTR 1910 USa – 2 plays each

Of the lot it was really nice to play Zooloretto again. Almost a year and after the early plays it never hit the table.

Caesar & Cleopatra, Carcassonne, Cartagena, Cleopatra & the SOA, Coda, Colosseum, Elasund, Fist of Dragonstones, High Society, In the Year of the Dragon, Marracash, Oasis, Quicksand, Samurai, Settlers, T&T Power & Glory, TTR – 1 play each

A number of new games in the month, lots of game played but lower compared to 2007. This is sad because Shreyasi has drifted a bit and does not play as often as she used to.

Games played January 08

The new year began with the lowest number of plays since April 2006! A lot of travel and a crazy schedule effectively killed the chances of regular gaming at home.

Hive – 6 plays

Atlantic Star and LOTR:The Confrontation – 3 plays

10 days in Africa, Carcassonne, For Sale & High Society – 2 plays

Elasund, Giro Galoppo, King Me!, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, Seafarers of Catan, Settlers of Catan, Struggle for Rome and Thurn & Taxis: Power & Glory – 1 play each.

Top 15 games played in 2007

2007 saw a significant increase in the number of plays. More regular gaming, lots of new games bought and more choice to play games at home. This meant that some games were just moving fast to becoming hot in the household.

Ticket to Ride USA:1910 – 116 plays

The number 1 game for me as far as plays went was TTR 1910. Since I had got it only at the end of 2006, the game became such a favorite at home. So much fun but the excitement had finally worn off towards the end of the year. By Nov/Dec people just did not want to play it anyore.

Thurn & Taxis – 52 plays

This was the no 1 2 player game for me and Aarthi. Add the plays of the Power & Glory expansion and we have a real winner!

The Settlers of Catan – 39 plays

Settlers is the no 1 choice for our 3 player afternoon lunch sessions with Varadu last year.  Settlers enjoyed additional plays via Seafarers (11) and Fishermen of Catan (6) plays. I personally found that plain vanilla Settlers shone with 3. But with 4 I do want to play Seafarers or Fishermen. I have to get Cities and Knights this year positively.

Bohnanza – 32 plays

This was our favorite during the Oz holiday. Sushanth loved it and we played a lot. But again hardly any plays in the latter part of the year.

10 Days in Africa – 29 plays

The simplicity, speed and ease of getting newbies in made this a new star in our game collection. Though I have got bored of it and would like to try some of the other 10 days, this will see a lot of plays quite regularly I think.

San Juan – 28 plays

After so many 2 player games I finally got Mohan to learn it and we had some super duper 3 player sessions. Still one of my top games that lives upto its billing.

High Society – 27 plays

This has replaced For Sale as my preferred auction game now. Sushanth has also learnt it and we get plays quite regularly now.

Thurn & Taxis – Power & Glory – 23 plays

Puerto Rico – 20 plays

Shreyasi’s gaming ahs petered down this year. And the only others who know adn play this game are in Oz. ave to teach it to varadu this year to get more plays. Meanwhile I have got the expansion and we played a few games of the 2 player variant. But am missing the big 5 player games we had in Oz last year these days.

Cartagena – 17 plays

Still gets regular 2p games with Aarthi. Good solid game.

Zooloretto – 17 plays

Coloretto was one of my early favorites of 2005. I really looked forward to this and the game saw a number of plays early. But somehow cannot find the table these days.

Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper – 16 plays

Still is one of our top 2 player games at home with Aarthi. A pity I haven’t been able to get anyone else to play as yet.

Ticket to Ride: Switzerland – 16 plays

A number  of plays as soon as we got the game but have got tired of it now. But I like it a lot with 2 or 3.

Fist of Dragonstones – 15 plays

A sleeper hit if one may call it. Sushanth and Shreyasi both love it and it is our no 1 game where we all play together at home.

Get the Goods – 14 plays

One of my favorite games with so much tension and drama as the game unfolds.

A number of games have dropped out of last year’s top 15. Notably Elasund, Alhambra and the Knizias – Modern Art and Through the Desert. Some of the games that were great hits but not enough plays were Princes of Florence, Struggle for Rome, Thebes and Cleopatra & the Society of Architects. Other surprisingly fun games were Oasis, Mammoth Hunters and Santiago.
Sushanth and me have got some 2 player games going and we have LOTR: The Confrontation at the top. Also will look at Memoir ’44 and probably Dungeon Twister.

The biggest disappointments of the year were Corsari, Luca Citta and Empire Builder. These have very little chances of seeing more plays and I should put them on the trade list I think.

Games that I have and must play this year – Struggle of Empires, Die Macher, Perikles, Caylus (Just could not get it out at all!) and Tigris & Euphrates!