What do you call them?

A very interesting read. Should the games I play be called Eurogames, German games or Designer games? Of course they are board games but then like Rick says in this article below popular perception defines board games as Monopoly or Scrabble. Anyway when I am queried this is how I react.

What are you doing this evening?

Am going to play board games?

What games? Monopoly? Scrabble?

No these are better.

I just stick to the basic difference. I mean I play these games because they are better! So do we call them ‘Better games’? No I still call them board games only. But I really like  the term ‘Designer games’. Maybe just call them ‘Designer Board games’.

Boardgame News

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Winning without a quarry in Puerto Rico

We were having a discussion on how I have continuously lost Puerto Rico because my strategy of playing without a quarry was flawed. Maybe but I really wanted to prove a point. As we were getting ready for a game last evening Shreyasi insisted that we play Lowenherz. I normally give in to game demands because I am just happy to play as long as there are people willing. But this time I decided that I must play PR. Anyway the result was my 9 year old decided she will not game! So finally Aarthi managed to get Guha over and we played a 3 player PR. Again I  went in for a non quarry strategy. I began first so ad the corn advantage. This helped me in shipping early and stack up  victory points. Aarthi's strategy in going for coffee helped her finances and she managed stack up the doubloons to  build 2 big buildings. Guha also managed to build 2 big buildings while every time the builder phase came I was ad doubloon short. But a combination of shipping a lot of corn and frequent choosing of the mayor by Guha helped me a lot. The end result a sweet victory for me with 55 points!

Same situation in India

Check this out for an excellent article on how Hasbro is dominating the worldwide boardgaming industry. It is sad that the wonderful games that all of us geeks are enjoying just does not see the light of day in the mainstream stores.

As for the situation in India it is the same. The elephant here is called “Funskool”. a huge behemoth that licences games from Hasbro and sells them all over the country. So articles in local news papers about boardgames will have these interviews with Funskool executives who say that Pictionary, Scrabble, Risk, Dungeons & Dragons etc are bringing families together to socialise and spend time!

Gone Gaming: The Creature that Ate the (Gaming) World

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This is hilarious!


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Games played in May 06

May 06 was a pretty good month for gaming at home. For one I have not travelled much and secondly kids were at home with school holidays. Also the trip to Pune got my sister Aarathi also involved in the gaming and we managed to get a good many plays. Shreyasi's friends Sai and Guha joined us here in Chennai for many games. Overall a good month with 73 plays logged.

 For Sale – 23 plays

Simple intro game that continued to enjoy a lot of plays. The Coonoor trip itself logged many plays to increase the overall number.

Puerto Rico – 11 plays

The no 1 game on BGG finally was opened and played. No wonder it has become so popular with us. Pune was really great with a lot of PR being played. Back home we got a couple of 5 player games.

Coloretto – 5 plays

The Coonoor trip was the reason for so many plays. Have not played it after that.

Elasund – 5 plays

Mu current favorite game. But atleast 3 of the above were 2 player games with Aarthi. Need to get Shreyasi to play a few more with us.

Ra – 4 plays

Mostly in Pune except for 1 play at home with Aravind and Bharati.

Alhambra – 3 plays

Great game and is moving up in my current hot favorites and really closing in on Elasund. The 2 player is really exciting to play with Aarthi.

Other games played

Vampire – 2

Mille Bornes – 2

Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper – 2

Through the Desert – 2

Trans Europa – 2

Carassonne, Cartagena, Fearsome Floors, Hare & Tortoise, King Me!, Maginor, Modern Art, New England, Power Grid, Settlers of Catan: 5 & 6 player expansion, Terra – 1 play each

Sounds very familiar!

Please read this hilarious account! I go through this all the time!


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