Games played June 07

Two new games and immediately both get the most plays for the month

Thurn & Taxis: Power & Glory and Zooloretto – 8 plays each
Both games have been thoroughly enjoyable and will see more plays in the coming months.

Dragon Delta – 7 plays
Another new game for the month and the number of plays show how we all enjoyed the game so much. Yesterday we played a 5 player game for the first time, and it was great fun. Especially with 2 kids aged 7 and 8 and three adults. Just when we thought the game might drag on someone finished the game!

Seafarers of Catan – 6 plays
I got Seafarers and our lunch time sessions graduated from Settlers to Seafarers. We played all the 3 player scenarios and it was great.

Ticket to ride: USA 1910 – 4 plays
Have we got tired of it finally? Not really. Some good new games have occupied us.

Get the Goods & Settlers of Catan – 3 plays
Get the Goods is another new game we played this month. I would call it “An intro to Union Pacific.” An engaging game but the scoring is a bit of a pain.

Bohnanza, Caesar & Cleopatra, Cartagena, Elfenland – 2 plays each
C&C was the other new game we played last month. A simple game that gets moving once you start playing. Often compared to Lost Cities, it plays differently and can be a good diversion for couples or 2 player gamers.

Atlantic Star, Carcassonne, Hare & Tortoise, High Society, Power Grid: Benelux/Central Europe, San Juan, Thurn & Taxis Р1 play each

Two game sitting unplayed at home that I really want to try this month are Caylus & Tigris & Euphrates.

Recruiting another gamer

My 6 year old son, Sushanth has a very close friend called Ashwin. Both these kids spend hours playing with their “SPD Power Rangers” figurines etc. Sushanth of course has just discovered that he can play so many more games in my collection. Ashwin for long had been reluctant to join in on the gaming action at home. Yesterday he finally could not take it anymore and decided to have a shot. We were playing High Society and it was an instant hit. He loved it and said “Cool game!” Here is hope that another gamer will soon be recruited into our small community.

Indian Govt Blog blackout ends!

Whew! Finally the blackout seems to have ended. I was really missing some of the boardgames blogs in bogspot etc because of the Indian Govt’s blackout. Now it is business as usual I think.

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Bomb blasts kill potential board gamers

The board gaming scene is just improving in India. People are getting aware of designer board games. And this happens

Bomb blasts kill potential board gamers

Atleast 183 people died. And they could have been potential board gamers. People who could have learnt about Settlers, Puerto Rico, Funkenschlag! They could have started a Mumbai Boardgaming club. They could have organised the first Indian Games Con in Matunga, Mumbai. They could have organised the National Boardgaming championships with the winners being sent to Essen for the World championships. But some moron terrorists thought otherwise.

I am so upset over the above incident. Before someone can pounce on me for the rather sarcastic tone in the above post, I mentioned this because of the subject of my blog more than anything else. Seriously speaking if such people think that they can get their way by killing people they are sadly mistaken. These acts can only be committed by people who have no respect for themselves or for others. My heart goes out to the people of Mumbai who have borne the brunt of so many hardships. The earlier blasts, the crazy spell of rain last year and now this.