Back home

Back home after a long 9 weeks. The best part was the huge purchase of games that should keep me going for atleast a month or so. The tour included a 100+ plays of For Sale – terrific simple auction game. Back home and Aarthi & Shreyasi already love the game.

Message to the Czar

A very interesting game I should. Contrary to some rather unfavorable reviews online I found the game to be very interesting. The new revised rules available at the RioGrande Games website definitely adds a better dimension to the game as opposed to the earlier version. Got it 75% off the original price at an FLGS in Austin, Tx so why not?

Royal Turf

Played two games of Royal Turf yesterday. Wonderful horse racing game that also is easily understood by newbies. My current team with absolutely no previous board gaming experience loves it. More soon.

Location – Ellicott city near Washington DC

Another attempt at blogging has commenced. All previous attempts were miserable failures. But this time I am here to stay.