Union Pacific – Good rhythm

We finally got some rhythm going while playing Union Pacific. After 5 or 6 plays, though the game generated good excitement there was a monotony in taking similar actions every turn. But it was only yesterday that we played a 4 player game with Aarthi, Shreyasi and Sai. All of us had played it and Sai is an excellent gamer, who gets into the games quickly. UP is also one Shreyasi’s favorite games. So the game started flowing quickly and there was a neat rhythm to it. We really enjoyed it and the growing tension of expecting the dividend card and the agonising decision of whether to lay track or invest kept us on tenterhooks through out. Great game!

Games played Apr 07

Finally a month with more 30 different games being played. A few new games also were played. And I finally played some games that I do not own! This means that I have some gaming partners who are getting to get other games so that the games I play are not restricted only to the ones I won.

Ticket to ride: 1910 USA – 15 plays

 Bohnanza – 14 plays My 6 year old son Sushanth learnt this and we enjoyed the different plays with different number of players. Excellent and simple family game. Easy to explain and loads of fun.

Thurn & Taxis – 6 plays

For Sale – 5 plays

Frank’s Zoo, Puerto Rico & Station Master – 4 plays each

We finally played Frank’s Zoo wit the full quota of 7 players. Great fun. Station Master was a new game for the month. A nice simple game that plays quick and fast with a lot of ‘take that’ to it. But I feel there is an unfinished look about the game. After a few plays I kind of got bored.

Category 5, Seafarers of Catan, Santiago & Ticket to ride: Marklin edition – 3 plays each.

I just love Seafarers. We played almost all the scenarios detailed and it was so much fun. But I do not like the 5/6 player expansions of both the base and the Seafarers. This game is to be played with 3 or 4. If you have more players play something else. There are so many better games for 5 and 6 people.  I liked Santiago a lot and it was a pity we only got 3 plays in.

Citadels, Coloretto, Empire Builder, Hive, Hornochsen,  Pickomino, Seafarers 5/6 players expansion, Settlers, Thief of Baghdad – 2 plays each.

Of the lot, I liked the look of Thief of Baghdad. It is a very clever game and has something in it. But there is an element of monotony to the way we have to play our hand each turn. This can get to you after a point. Maybe a play once or twice a year but not more. I did not like Pickomino that much. Hive is a great game and I really like it a lot. One game that I want to get from the lot of new games played last month. Hornochsen is a bit more strategic than Category 5 but I prefer the latter.

Amun-Re, Cartagena, Hare & Tortoise, Elfenland, Metro, Modern art, Mystery Rummy Jack the Ripper,  Power Grid, Power Grid Italy/France, Rat-a-tat cat, Transeuropa & Winners Circle – 1 play each

I liked Amun-Re but prefer Ra which is a more elegant and simple game with deep strategy. Metro was a bit of a bore and it was nice to play Elfenland again.  Overall a great month of gaming, some new games played and looking forward the kids’ holidays to play more in May.