Large group, no game components? Play these games

There is a large group and you want to play some games. No game components available. Check this out. They are a sure fire way to pass time especially with some little children around! Hoping to catch a few these with my kids when we travel in summer this year.

Yehuda: 12 Games With No Components For Large Groups

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Same situation in India

Check this out for an excellent article on how Hasbro is dominating the worldwide boardgaming industry. It is sad that the wonderful games that all of us geeks are enjoying just does not see the light of day in the mainstream stores.

As for the situation in India it is the same. The elephant here is called “Funskool”. a huge behemoth that licences games from Hasbro and sells them all over the country. So articles in local news papers about boardgames will have these interviews with Funskool executives who say that Pictionary, Scrabble, Risk, Dungeons & Dragons etc are bringing families together to socialise and spend time!

Gone Gaming: The Creature that Ate the (Gaming) World

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This is hilarious!

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Ticket to Ride – Unofficial expansions

I was just browsing this blog and came upon this page. We all love Ticket to Ride  and like all the new editions. Am waiting for Marklin that is likely to reach here next week. I read somewhere on BGG about a Switzerland map available online. I remember the game’s designer Alan Moon posting on BGG and saying that he had an India edition planned! (Of course that came after I had posted, and my post showed where I came from!)

Now I saw this page and just look at the no of unofficial expansions!!!!! There’s a complete ‘cottage industry’ out there I say!

Naturelich Games: Unofficial expansions Archives

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