Essen is on every boardgamer’s map. This one below is an excellent account of a first timer at Essen. I missed it this year. But in case I am going next year or if any of you are planning on going and you’ve never been there this is a ‘must listen’!

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Games played October 06

A good month of gaming. Even though I travelled in the early part of the month I got back home with a bunch of games from Europe. Also some holidays for the kids meant that we got in a lot of gaming with a number of new games also opened, tried and enjoyed.

Category 5 or 6nimmt! – Was the most played game with 8 plays. A new game for the month this is so easy to explain and get people to play. It plays very well with any number of people. It is fairly chaotic and a lot of fun.

Atlantic Star & Railroad Tycoon – Both had 7 plays each. RRT is my favorite game at the moment. Refer to my earlier post on the train games ladder and how I am at this present step enjoying RRT very much. Atlantic Star is the new hot favorite of the house and I wrote about it very recently. Both new games for the month and both very very enjoyable.

Crazy Chicken, Diamant & Marrakesh – 5 plays each. Crazy Chicken is a superb Michael Schacht designed card game for 2 players. Diamant is the more famous Faidutti/Moon combined design game. It is great fun and because of the short time it takes to play and the fun it generates people want another game immediately! Marrakesh is a very good kids game and Sushanth loves it.

Thurn & Taxis – 4 plays and only 2 player with Aarthi. was good but immediate reaction after playing was “This won the SDJ? Weren’t there better games?” Of course we are fairly new to the hobby and we are not too familiar with all this. Just getting there. I really would like to play this with more players. A good game definitely though.

Giro Galoppo – 3 plays. Another kids game which I reviewed last week.

Carcassonne, Mille Bornes, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper & Schildkroetenrenne – 2 plays each.

Alhambra, Coda, Feuerschlucker, For Sale, Hansa, Lost Cities, ra, Rat-a-tat cat, San Juan, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride – Marklin edition & Traneuropa – 1 play each.