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I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I love board games and play them everyday almost. My family consisting of wife Aarthi, daughter Shreyasi and son Sushanth are all avid board gamers.

My Boardgamegeek profile page – A detailed page of my boardgaming profile with list of games I own, played, hotlists, and other postings and comments. A bird's eye view of me and boardgames.

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  1. Hi . Are you still in Chennai? Do you have nay board game cafes in Chennai or anywhere in India?

  2. Sanjay ji,
    I’m your great fan!Do you blog about carnatic music,too? Do send the URL 🙂

  3. Hi Sanjay,

    I’m a board game freak myself and was very please to see you write a review on Thurn and Taxis…which by the way I got it when I was in US last month….but I was more interested to find out if there is a way I can get the European board games in India…or get it shipped from some online vendor. In case you have any suggestionsplease do let me know as I’m planning to get Kahuna, Ceasar and Cleopatra and Alhambra for my collection.

    Thanks for your help,


  4. Hello Sir,

    I have sent a mail through the BGG mail id, but also wanted to mention that in case you plan to visit Bangalore. Please do visit Brew Ha Ha, run by my friends (Sreeram and Mansur), both IIMA pass out having a passion for board games. You can check them out on http://www.brewhaha.in. They have some lunatic looking picts of mine on the corporate section. That was when I was with Fidelity and had gone there on an outing.

    Best Regards,

  5. Hello Sanjay!
    Visited your blogsite and wish to share this with you:

    An Jewish Board Game [with matchsticks or toothpicks or cotton buds]
    Basic requirement: 12 numbers- [e.g. 3 match sticks,4 tooth picks and 5 cotton buds]
    As in the Chess Game two persons play this game against each other.

    Layout:Keep these sticks,picks and buds on the table.

    How to play?
    After tossing the winner starts the game.
    He or she can take one or more sticks/buds/picks, but only from one group. This is one move.Then he or she allows the other to play. He or she does the same thing by choosing one or more from the three groups.
    It goes on like this till such time one makes such a move leaving one stick on the table.This leaves the other no choice.He or she will be the loser.
    In case you need any clarification you can call me.4205 9498

  6. Hello,

    I just moved to Switzerland and I would like to purchase some new boardgames. The problem is, that here I only get official french versions, so I would apreciate if you can name a couple of games that are language independent (I don´t speak french or german).

    My favorite is CATAN, and I was looking in to buying ELASUND. I saw your post regarding this game, so I would like to know if there are any playing cards or anything else in french, that might be a problem?

    I was also thinking of SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Catan CARD game.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. hi sanjay Sir,

    Am a big fan of you, i am from Palakkad,kerala..i heard almost all of your concert in chennai music season 2007 and swathi sangeethotsvam at trivandrum..would like to know do u have any blog about carnatic music…

  8. dear anna

    nice blog.wish some of these days i can come and play with you.i was always interested in board games.did’nt know what to play(i have played ludo,monopoly,scrabble atleast a 100 times each)so found out you were quite a fan of board games.when i first met you at your residence with my mother i never knew you were a board game fan(you had also asked me whether i did my C.A. and i said i am doing my S.A).anyway all the best.will meet you soon anna.

    Akshay padmanabhan

  9. I am gaming fan from Kolkata. Wish to know if there is any way to these EUROGAMES in India.

  10. Dear Sanjay,
    Myself and my wife are big fans of you and have been following your music since a long time. We recently got to know about your love for board games too!

    Could i ask you one information? This is something that we have been searching for a long time but never got any success. We thought the best person to ask would be you! 🙂

    A couple of years ago in a magazine (i think The Week) there was an article on a shop in Chennai that sells traditional Indian games including board games. They only sell games that people used to play in the olden days, these are not commonly used nowadays at all. Would you have any idea about this? We would be really happy and thankful to you if you can let us know. We have a 3 year old daughter and would love to buy these for her.

  11. Are you THE Sanjay S? Well, my wife and I are big fans of you and TMK. Happened upon your twitter page as well…

    Good stuff…

  12. Hi Sanjay;

    I am foreigner currently living in India (new delhi). I am a great fan of Settler of Catan and I tried to getone through Amazon , but they do not despatch the game to India. Can you suggest another source from where I could buy the game and have it delivered at New Delhi? tks a bunch.

  13. Ronnie — or anyone else in the Delhi area: I’m up for starting a gaming group here. I plan on bringing some eurogames from the states in the next couple months and am looking for players. Drop me an email at arnoldyb@yahoo.com.

  14. Dear Sanjay, Glad to note your avid interest in board games. I would like to send you a game for your comments. Can you let me know where to send this to please? Best regards.

  15. To Sanjay and all commenters here,
    I see you are trying to arrange game nights. I’m the founder of Sophistigames, the social site for board games, and you may find our events feature useful for arranging your meet ups.

    I also wanted to let you know about a board game giveaway that your readers Sanjay may be interested in hearing about. Sophistigames has just relaunched with a brand new Website and we are giving away a board game for Christmas. You can see more about this on the Homepage http://sophistigames.com/.

    Hope to see you all there! 🙂

    Matt Jones
    Founder of Sophistigames

  16. Hi Sanjay,

    I’ve been an avid follower of you on twitter and I love your unique take on the game as much as the game itself! It’s why I would like you to participate in the hunt for the new voice of cricket.

    I work with an advertising agency called SapientNitro and I’m getting in touch with you to see if you would be interested in the work we’re doing for one of our clients – Sprite.
    It’s called Crickwit and it aims to celebrate (as the name suggests) witty tweets on cricket.

    Btw we’re giving away tickets to the upcoming T20 matches.

    Here’s is how it works:

    1. Add #crickwit to your cricket related tweets.

    2. Ask your followers to re-tweet.

    3. Score a run for very re-tweet you get.

    4. Win tickets to the games.

    It would be really great to have you on board. Please write back and let me know how we can take this forward.



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