Games Played – August 07

A total of 34 different games played. Some new games were opened and played too.

TTR: USA 1910 is back at the top with 6 plays this month.

Settlers and Elasund  have 5 plays each.  Elasund was great fun. Varadu has also learnt it and it has been a  great step up from Settlers. After a couple of 4p plays I’d say it plays best with 4. With 3 I would still prefer plain vanilla Settlers.

Mystery Rummy Jack the Ripper, San Juan & Thurn & Taxis: Power & Glory  3 plays each. Our typical 2p sessions.

Cartagena, Coda, Get the Goods, Thurn & Taxis – 3 plays each. Get the Goods is great to play with Sushanth also liking and asking for it more often.

Cleopatra & the Society of Architects, King Me!, Crazy Chicken, Princes of Florence – 2 plays each. Cleopatra is an excellent fun family game. People catch on to the rules quite fast. And there is so much eye candy value every time you -play the game. Really makes me want to get the entire Days of Wonder series of published games now.

Balloon Cup, Bohnanza, Caesar and Cleopatra, Carcassonne, Category 5, Diamant, Dragon Delta, For Sale, High Society, Lost Cities, Queen’s Necklace,
Samurai, The Fishermen of Catan, That’s Life!    , Thebes, Ticket to Ride: Märklin Edition, TransEuropa, Vampire, Winner’s Circle, Zooloretto
– 1 play each