Thurn & Taxis – A 3 player session finally!

After 11 plays of 2 player sessions we finally had a 3 player game today. It was great fun but the climax was slightly spoilt by external factors with children getting back home from school and some visitors etc. The main difference I noticed in the 3 player game was that we had to use the Administrator to change the cards more frequently. Invariably in all the 2 player sessions we used this more sparingly because there were cards available all the time for us to play. Overall a very different and smooth experience. The game flowed beautifully without any hiccups. Srikanth was playing only his 2nd game and was into it pretty soon. Finally I managed a win with 34 points.

BTW the game is actually much easier to teach and for newbies to grasp than I thought. I was also discouraged a bit because I read a report somewhere that just because it is the SDJ winner this year, it does not mean that it can make a good gateway game. Probably true but Srikanth who has played about 7 or 8 of ‘our’ type of games understood and got into the game very very fast.

Games played November 06

Am terribly behind on my blog posts! Travel has taken its toll. Anyway am back home with gaming intensity also rising. So I am going to post more regularly now I think. Anyway November was a decent month of gaming with mostly 2 player games with Aarthi.

Diamant & Thurn and Taxis were most played with 6 plays each. Sushanth loves Diamant and we play it often at home. T &T is a favorite of ours. But I really want to play with more players to see how it is. Hopefully now that Srikanth, who has come down from Toronto for the December season, has learnt it we should be able to get some 3 player plas in this month.

Atlantic Star & Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper saw 5 plays each.

Bohnanza & Power Grid France/Italy saw 4 plays each. The Power Grid games were all 3 player with Aarthi and Shreyasi. We also enjoy the 2 player bean duel with Bohnanza!

Crazy Chicken, Elfenland & For Sale had 3 plays each. ELfenland was basically a watered down variant for Sushanth’s comfort. I am hoping to get Srikanth and varadu in for a full game sometime this month. It has been long overdue now.

Category 5, Coda, Quicksand, Ra, San Juan, Ticket to ride & Wildlife all had 2 plays each. Wildlife was the new game for the month. Wonderful game. We had a great 4 player session. I really want to get it out and play with the full quota of 6 sometime. Super game! Quicksand is a good kids game that Sushanth enjoys.

Alhambra, Feuerschlucker, Hansa, Modern Art, Puerto Rico, Rat-a-tat cat, Schildkroetenrennen, Settlers of Catan, Tennis and Royal Turf/ Winner’s Circle all had1 play each.