Thurn & Taxis – A 3 player session finally!

After 11 plays of 2 player sessions we finally had a 3 player game today. It was great fun but the climax was slightly spoilt by external factors with children getting back home from school and some visitors etc. The main difference I noticed in the 3 player game was that we had to use the Administrator to change the cards more frequently. Invariably in all the 2 player sessions we used this more sparingly because there were cards available all the time for us to play. Overall a very different and smooth experience. The game flowed beautifully without any hiccups. Srikanth was playing only his 2nd game and was into it pretty soon. Finally I managed a win with 34 points.

BTW the game is actually much easier to teach and for newbies to grasp than I thought. I was also discouraged a bit because I read a report somewhere that just because it is the SDJ winner this year, it does not mean that it can make a good gateway game. Probably true but Srikanth who has played about 7 or 8 of ‘our’ type of games understood and got into the game very very fast.


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