Games played Sep 08

The worst month of gaming since I started logging plays in May 2005.

Clans – 2 plays

Atleast it was a new game.

Games played Aug 08

Another pathetic month of gaming!

Princes of Florence – 8 plays

Portobello Market – 2 plays

Ave Caesar, Bohnanza, Heroscape, Metropolys, Lost CIties, Power Grid, Through the desert, Schildkroetenrennen, TTR:1910 USA – 1 play each

A couple of new games in Ave Caesar and Metropolys. I liked both but we just have to find more time to play.


Played Pandemic for the first time today. Really enjoyed it. Excellent game, cooperative play, oozing theme and superb production quality. A real winner!

New games in the last couple of weeks

Have been getting some new games in the last couple of weeks. Saikoro, Colosseum, El Grande and Pandemic. Now i have to find some people to play them ore often! I think a Heroscape master set is also due sometime this weekend.


A friend from the UK sent me a lovely GO set and it has really taken a fancy at home. Sushanth is completely taken in by it and we play Pente or Atarigo all the time. I think I have to slowly start getting a grasp of the full game and then teach to the others.

Games played Apr 08

Just 23 plays and a lean month for gaming. But things have picked up in May.

Portobello Market – 5 plays

Sushanth keeps winning most of the games he plays.

Vikings – 4 plays

Elasund & Marracash – 2 plays

Fist of Dragonstones, Intrigue, Medici V Strozzi, In the Year of the Dragon, Princes of Florence, Puerto Rico, Shadows over Camelot, T&T:Power & Glory, TTR:Switzerland, TTR:1910 USa – 1 play each

A number of wonderful new games including Shadows, IYOD and INtrigue. Intrigue is just too nasty and the back stabbing is unbelievable. Another excellent gateway game I should say.

Aarthi did not like the asian theme in IYOD but we all enjoyed the game. This should see more plays in the coming months. I love Shadows but it will be sometime before I can teach and get them to play it with me. MediciĀ  v Strozzi was ok but we a need a few more plays to get a good enough grasp of the game.

Games played Mar 08

Was traveling in Europe in March. So the games were mainly 3 player plays. Also managed to introduce a few in Germany to play games. Imagine going to Germany and introducing their own stuff!!!

Marracash – 16 plays

Got the game in a shop in Saarbrucken and immediately was a big hit. After playing 4p I don’t want to play 3p anymore. But super game with a brilliant auction mechanic.

Vikings – 10 plays

The next new game that saw a lot of plays. The group was reluctant to try out the advanced version but the basic is so good and keeps us engrossed.

Portobello Market – 6 plays

Got a few plays in as soon as we got the game. But the game is just too light and not engrossing enough for the group. I think this will make a good intro game to newbie groups.

Marrakesh – 5 plays

This was mainly with Sushanth at home before I left for Europe.

Memmoir ’44 – 4 plays

All with Sushanth. Aarthi thinks this just one of those ‘father-son’ things that we do. I enjoy this game and hope we will graduate to more detail and depth.

Lowenherz – 3 plays

Varadu learnt it and we had some good plays in before leaving for Europe. which reminds me I have to get in some plays next week.

TTR: USA 1910 – 3 plays

For Sale & Ingenious – 2 plays

Ingenious is another new game I got in Germnay but could not get it home because of luggage restrictions. Hopefully it should come in the next few months and we can play it more often.

Alhambra, Elasund, Hive, Modern art, Settlers of Catan & Thurn & Taxis – 1 play each.