The Heroscape quest

Heroscape really occupied my boardgame shopping this year in the US. I hardly went to a single game store. Main reason was that I was scouting Kmarts, Walmarts and Targets to see if any HS was available. I finally did find some boosters for 6$ in Charlotte. Also I have been sourcing sme euros regularly from the UK and so have a decent number of unplayed games at home. Also the missus is already beginning to complain about the lack of space in the house to store the games.

The addition of the Nintendo Wii is not helping things. After many many years I bit the vide game bullet and got the Wii and am just loving it.

But the good news is that Varadu has learnt Puerto Rico and this will keep the afternoons going wel form sometime.

Games played Sep 08

The worst month of gaming since I started logging plays in May 2005.

Clans – 2 plays

Atleast it was a new game.

Games played Aug 08

Another pathetic month of gaming!

Princes of Florence – 8 plays

Portobello Market – 2 plays

Ave Caesar, Bohnanza, Heroscape, Metropolys, Lost CIties, Power Grid, Through the desert, Schildkroetenrennen, TTR:1910 USA – 1 play each

A couple of new games in Ave Caesar and Metropolys. I liked both but we just have to find more time to play.

Games played July 08

I haven’t posted in 4 months! Ok so I’d better this going again. Looking abck on July, not a great month. Here is the list of games played

Cartagena, Heroscape, Princes of Florence – 4 plays

Alhambra – 3 plays

Through the Desert, TTR:1910 USA – 2 plays

Colosseum, Dos Rios, Elasund, Marrakesh, Portobello Market, Power Grid, Ra, Railroad Tycoon, Settlers of Catan, TTR Switzerland & Vikings – 1 play

The fascination for Heroscape just began as I will detail in future posts.