Multiplayer games I play regularly with my wife

The above is a geeklist I created on Boardgamegeek.

Games played June 07

Two new games and immediately both get the most plays for the month

Thurn & Taxis: Power & Glory and Zooloretto – 8 plays each
Both games have been thoroughly enjoyable and will see more plays in the coming months.

Dragon Delta – 7 plays
Another new game for the month and the number of plays show how we all enjoyed the game so much. Yesterday we played a 5 player game for the first time, and it was great fun. Especially with 2 kids aged 7 and 8 and three adults. Just when we thought the game might drag on someone finished the game!

Seafarers of Catan – 6 plays
I got Seafarers and our lunch time sessions graduated from Settlers to Seafarers. We played all the 3 player scenarios and it was great.

Ticket to ride: USA 1910 – 4 plays
Have we got tired of it finally? Not really. Some good new games have occupied us.

Get the Goods & Settlers of Catan – 3 plays
Get the Goods is another new game we played this month. I would call it “An intro to Union Pacific.” An engaging game but the scoring is a bit of a pain.

Bohnanza, Caesar & Cleopatra, Cartagena, Elfenland – 2 plays each
C&C was the other new game we played last month. A simple game that gets moving once you start playing. Often compared to Lost Cities, it plays differently and can be a good diversion for couples or 2 player gamers.

Atlantic Star, Carcassonne, Hare & Tortoise, High Society, Power Grid: Benelux/Central Europe, San Juan, Thurn & Taxis Р1 play each

Two game sitting unplayed at home that I really want to try this month are Caylus & Tigris & Euphrates.