Games Played – November 07

The December music season takes its toll and I just could not get myself to sit and update. Anyway the hit game for November 07 was TTR – Switzerland with 11 plays. Fist of Dragonstones is now our favorite 4 palyer family game and there were 6 plays. Our staple diet of 2 player  San Juan continued with 3 plays and 3 plays of  Settlers as well. Cartagena, Elasund, King Me, LOTR: The Confrontation, Thurn & Taxis and T&T Power and Glory all saw 2 plays each. 10 days in Africa, Cleo and the SOA, Coloretto, Get the Goods, Mystery Rummy Jack the Ripper, Princes of Florence, Puerto Rico, Thebes and Union Pacific – 1 play each.


One Response

  1. ss
    Glad to see you play euro board games as well.

    There is a game called blokus – have you ever played it? It takes about 20s to learn and a lifetime of fun.
    Other games that i’ve enjoyed playing and recommend
    1. Kahuna (2 person) There is also a 4p version – arabana ikibiti
    2. Odin’s ravens (2 person)
    3. Bohnanza
    4. Ceasar and Cleo (2 person)
    5. Hera and Zeus (2 person)
    6. Manhattan (a really cool first game for new gamers – 4 person)

    ps. BTW thanks for that mindblowing malayamarutham and song at IFAS this year.

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