Games played February 08

No updates the last three months. Better get up there soon.

Princes of Florence – 12 plays

This is our staple three player sessions in the afternoon. We play so fast the game gets over in less than half an hour.

Elasund, Thurn & Taxis: Power & Glory – 3 plays each

Carcassonne, Cartagena, Settlers of Catan – 2 plays each

Atlantic Star, Bohnanza, Buy Low Sell High, For Sale, Hansa, Mammoth Hunters, Samurai, TTR:Switzerland, TTR:1910 USA – 1 play each


Meeting a champion Boardgamer!

Yesterday I had a chance to shake hands and say hello to a champion boardgamer. Vishy Anand Chess champion of the world! Maybe another day I’ll probably ask him if he knows about Power Grid or Settlers of Catan! For now I was just happy to invite him to me next concert.

Multiplayer games I play regularly with my wife

The above is a geeklist I created on Boardgamegeek.