Games played Apr 08

Just 23 plays and a lean month for gaming. But things have picked up in May.

Portobello Market – 5 plays

Sushanth keeps winning most of the games he plays.

Vikings – 4 plays

Elasund & Marracash – 2 plays

Fist of Dragonstones, Intrigue, Medici V Strozzi, In the Year of the Dragon, Princes of Florence, Puerto Rico, Shadows over Camelot, T&T:Power & Glory, TTR:Switzerland, TTR:1910 USa – 1 play each

A number of wonderful new games including Shadows, IYOD and INtrigue. Intrigue is just too nasty and the back stabbing is unbelievable. Another excellent gateway game I should say.

Aarthi did not like the asian theme in IYOD but we all enjoyed the game. This should see more plays in the coming months. I love Shadows but it will be sometime before I can teach and get them to play it with me. Medici  v Strozzi was ok but we a need a few more plays to get a good enough grasp of the game.


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