Games played Dec 07

The toughest month for me in the year because of my professional commitments. But the arrival of Mohan from Oz also helps in a lot of 4 player gaming especially. But still a low month I should say.

Settlers & TTR: Switzerland – 5 plays

LOTR: The Confrontation, Mammoth Hunters, San Juan, Struggle for Rome & T&T:Power & Glory – 4 plays each.  Of these I play LOTR a lot with Sushanth. The only problem is that he insists on playing only the dark side. So atleast I have a good chance to try different strategies. He has picked up the game and plays it well. Mammoth Hunters was finally opened and played. A very very good game with a lot of fun and nastiness. After many many plays of 2p San Juan we played some 3 p games. It plays wonderfully well and all the games were very close. I seem to be preferring this to PR more these days. Struggle for Rome was the other new game. A bit long but a solid Settlers spin off. Seems to lack the nastiness that Elasund but a very good game nevertheless. The length which is longer than our normal 30-45 minute mark is stopping us from getting more plays in at the moment.

Memoir ’44 – 3 plays – Another new entrant this month. Nice and fun game. Sushanth loves it but will play the Allies only at the moment. We just played the Pegasus Bridge scenario without the special cards. I want more of this in the coming months. Hopefully I can get Aarthi to play this more often.

New England – 2 plays – We got to play this after a year and it still is fresh and interesting.

10 days in Africa, Cleo and the SOE, Elasund, Fist of Dragonstones, For Sale, Hare & Tortoise, Mystery Rummy, Power Grid: Benelux/CE, Seafarers of Catan, Through the Desert & TTR USA 1910 – 1 play each. 


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