Games played – July 07

July was a good month of gaming. Being at home most of the month, regular visits from our lunchtime gaming partner and some new games played were the highlights.

Zooloretto – The SDJ 2007 winner. I got it from a student coming in from Germany. Given that Coloretto was my first game ever, I was eagerly waiting for this ever since I heard about it. Good fun game. Between this and the winner last year I definitely prefer T&T but this is still a good game. (6 plays)

Atlantic Star – 5 plays – A revival this month mostly because Varadu learnt it and we played a number of 3 player sessions. The game has kind of petered down in the interest level for me. I will play it now only if there are more players just to see the difference. Otherwise I will keep it aside for a few months I think.

Get the Goods / Settlers of Catan – 4 plays each. I really like Get the Goods. It is a lighter form of Union Pacific and is a very good 3 player game. So it fills the opener, filler niche and the tension really rises as the game reaches its climax.

Bohnanza, Caesar & Cleopatra, Cartagena, Coda, Prices of Florence – 3 plays each. C & C is a good light 2 player games that is good to play with Aarthi.  I got the 2 player rules of Prices and we had some good tight plays. Though the auctions are not very exciting there is still a lot of fun planning and completing the works.

Category 5, Elasund, Giro Galoppo, High Society, Lost Cities, San Juan, Schildkroetenrennen, Thurn & Taxis, Thurn & Taxis Expansion, TTR 1910 2 plays each. The surprise packet was getting back to Elasund. Great game and the perfect step up from Settlers. After getting bored of it playing just 2 player, Varadu learnt it and we are having fun. Am waiting for the time we get that fourth player to get the most out of the game.

Diamant, Elfenland, Hansa, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, Seafarers of Catan, That’s Life, TTR, TTR Mystery Train Expansion, TTR Marklin, Transeuropa & Tutankhamen – 1 play each. Playing Settlers with 3 players, plain vanilla version is much better. I think Seafarers shines more with 4 players. TTR Mystery train expansion was another interesting new game last month.

Finally I manged to open A House Divided – a war game that I had found in Germany for 10 euros. We just punched the counters and made a preliminary reading of the rules. The game appears simple and hopefully I should get a full play through in the coming months.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Sanjay,

    Got here from the i3j3 blog, have to say you guys are doing a great job there. Nice to also see you’re a board game enthusiast, my only problem is finding people to play with, lol.

    I run a web2.0 company Frocca. We are on the lookout for guest columnist’s for our Indian Cricket League related website. It is currently #1 on google ranking for “Indian Cricket League” and with the features we have planned – we expect it to become the top resource for the ICL once it gains steam.

    We would be happy to publish any articles on the ICL that represent your opinion, with a link to your blog so that you can get some more exposure and coverage.

    Email me if you interested, and we’ll take it from there.

    Clive Fernandes

  2. So I’m dying to play some boardgames here in India — but the only people I can find live in Bangalore and Chennia. Is there nobdy in Calcutta (Kolkata)? Someone? Anyone? Does anybody have any ideas for the poor folks who live here? Where do we play?

  3. Hi Sanjay:

    how are you? Been a long time since we spoke/emailed. Don’t know if you remember me but I used to live in Houston…I am in delaware now…do drop me a line when you get a chance…

    Say hi to your family for me…

    Anu Sivaraman

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