Empire Builder

We finally got to play a game of Empire Builder yesterday. It took a long time to finish. We had a few rules to iron out. And we played without the event cards. But there is something in the game that kept us occupied. Firstly to get a hang of the different goods, where they are available and drawing the route to fulfil thier demand takes a long time and atleast a couple of playings I think. We definitely are not getting a grasp of ‘efficiency’ in track building as yet. So most turns we were just tracing our routes up and down to deliver a single good. The result, after 2 plus hours one of us connected 6 out of the 7 major cities and the winner had 68 million. Nowhere near the targeted 250 million for the game finish criteria. The only downside to the game is its length. It will be a deterrent for hitting the table again especially when there are more elegant games like Railroad Tycoon at home!


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