Games played Feb 07 or the TTR USA:1910 month!

If ever there was a month that I played one particular game every day, it must be this. We just went mad playing TTR USA:1910. No of plays – 41.

Puerto Rico & Thurn and Taxis  – 8 plays

We disovered the 2 player version of PR and Aarthi loves this game and fancies herself a champ! Anyway I think I got my own a bit with her this month especially in both the above games. I think I even enjoy a slight edge in T&T.

Frank’s Zoo, Goa & TTR Marklin – 3 plays

Frank’s Zoo and Goa were the new games of the month. Sushanth loves Frank’s Zoo and we had some good family sessions of it at home. Marklin made a welcome return and it is my favorite TTR game.

Crazy Chicken – 2 plays

Both with Sushanth to satisfy his desire after we play the bigger games with Shreyasi. Sushanth plays a decent game and has understood it very well.

Carcassonne, Diamant, For Sale, Hare & Tortoise, Lost Cities, That’s Life!, Through the Desert & Union Pacific – 1 play


2 Responses

  1. So, any comments about TTR:1910? I was afraid it would be too similar to the original. Can you tell me what you think is better in this version? Thanks!

  2. Yes it is similar to the original. But the increased number of tickets makes the game that much more dynamic and interesting. Now there is a good chance for you to score more points by picking extra tickets once you have connected a big route. I’ll try and make a detailed post on this subject today.

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