Puerto Rico – 2 player session!

Puerto Rico is the no 1 ranked game on BGG. But it is meant for 3-5 players. I actually got San Juan, the card game version of Puerto Rico, and we enjoyed the 2 player sessions so much. Finally when we got PR and started playing it we had stopped SJ. Until recently we rediscovered SJ and have been enjoying it a lot. Now finally I managed to download the offical Alea 2 player rules and got it going. We played a great game, it was tight and perfect and aarthi just exclaimed “This is better than San Juan because we can see everything!” Yes I agree, it was much better than SJ and I am so happy Aarthi got down to playing it today. Now there will be more such sessions in the near future. But I would advice a word of caution here. In case you have never played either PR or SJ then I would not advise this variant for 2 players. My personal progression would be to play 2 player SJ first, then play multi player PR and then move to 2 player PR. But this is because I had no one to teach me these games and had to struggle through the initial plays until we got more familiar. If you have someone to teach you the game play anything! They are all great fun and excitement!


3 Responses

  1. majr jon kto lojat

  2. Board and table gamaes are so fun.

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