Games played January 07

 61 plays logged for the month. The evenings rarely passed without a game being played before retiring. Mostly 2 player sessions with the missus.

Game of the month – Ticket to ride: USA 1910 – 17 plays

Am not going to elaborate on this except to say that we even find the 2 player sessions engrossing and the fever is still continuing!

Surprise of the month – Thurn & Taxis – 8 plays

Plays had petered down after the initial excitement, but we recently rediscovered this and it is occupying us quite nicely. And we found out that Alan Moon loves the 2 player game and plays it a lot with his wife!

Bohnanza, High Society, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, San Juan – 4 plays

Mostly our staple 2 player games except High Society that we played for the first time this month. The game is an excellent gateway auction game. can be compared to For Sale but I personally found For sale far more easier to teach others. I like both the games and would rather not compare the two. After all when we love auctions so much having a game that can provide another texture is always welcome.

Important new comer – Power Grid – Benelux/Central Europe – 3 plays

I finally managed to get the new map of Funkenschlag (Power Grid) open and we played the Benelux map all 3 times. Have to play Central Europe soon. But this another worthy addition to my no 1 all time favorite!

Carcassonne – 2 plays

Still no Hunters & Gatherers but Carc always makes up the plays every month.

Atlantic Star, Cartagena, Crazy Chicken, Hansa, Lost Cities, Lowenherz, Mr Jack, Power Grid, Rat-a-tat Cat, Risk, Samurai,  The Settlers of Catan, Through the desert, Tutankhamen, Union Pacific – 1 play

Funny that Atlantic Star seems to have run out of steam at the moment. I really want to play more of Mr Jack but it just does not interest Aarthi so much especially with her current obsession with TTR USA 1910.


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