Gaming on my birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and we had a good gaming day. We began with Union Pacific. Superb game. We played a 4 player session with Aarthi, Shreyasi and Bharati joining in. This was the first play for Bharati and she loved it. The rules were easy and she got into the game pretty fast. Shreyasi is usually good with stocks games (She beats me regularly at Buy Low Sell High!) but this was my birthday you see. I beat Shreyasi by exactly 1 million!!! Very close game and lots of tension and fun.

We next began the hottest game at home at the moment TTR-USA 1910. Another tense 4 player session but I won easily on the last turn finishing a big route.  I then took out High Society. Srikanth had got this in December and we had not tried this out as yet. The rules were a breeze. We played 2 rounds of 5 player sessions. Sandeep joined us and this was his first intro to Eros. He got into the game pretty fast and we all enjoyed it very much. While there are comparisons with For Sale this is a very different game and there is more tightness with the money and the denominations of the money cards. A typical Knizia game but very enjoyable.

I had asked Aravind to buy me a copy of Risk as a present. We don’t get euros in India! I have never played this and wanted to get Sushanth involved in wargaming and thought this might be a good intro. Aarthi and me opened it out later in the evening for a 2 player. Got quite boring after a while and she won easily. After having access t and playing so many different euros this was a big disappointment for us.

We ended the gaming day finally with a 2 player session of Thurn & Taxis that Aarthi won easily. Lovely birthday and one of the best I have had.


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