2005 & 2006 – Gaming years comparison

Firstly talking about the top 15 games played, the number of games acquired in 2006 is the first reason why a no of games in the most played category has changed. The no 1 for 2006 is also a bit skewed because of For Sale being played every day among our music group when I was on tour. But just on the basis of plays the common games for both years have been Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne. This is good because inspite of the increasing game collection 3 out of the 15 games of 2005 still figure in 2006.

Of the ones that fell out favor from the previous year Citadels had just 2 plays in 2006. All the others had atleast 3 or 4 plays. Citadels used to be Shreyasi’s favorite game. BUt the german edition that I have ahs been a dampener. I really need to get the new revised version because it is a game that we have enjoyed and it should hit the table a bit more.

Secondly slowly I have introduced a lot of new people to this lovely hobby the past year. But time really is the constraint that is preventing me to get more organised in the form of a formal gaming club/group etc. With more and more games getting added to the collection, there is a reluctance on the part of the gamers to learn a new game. And there is increasing frustration on my part for not being able to convince them. For me the itch is in getting new games, opening them and playing them. For a lot of others it is playing a game they know. As soon as I suggest a new game there is so much resistance all the time and a lot of cajoling has to happen. So slowly the list of unplayed games in my collection is also growing.

My personal desire to read about gaming, buy new games etc is very strong. I scour the net on a regular basis to keep myself abreast of what is happening. I want to have a few of the latest games all the time. I missed Essen this year when I really should have gone. Hopefully I will go there next year. Otherwise a great year of gaming, a year of consolidation and a new year to look forward to.


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