Top 15 games played in 2006

2006 was my second year in gaming. A great year with a lot of new games being acquired. Finally now I have reached a stage where there is a slow pile of unplayed games in the gaming cupboard. Best way to show that I am hooked and doomed! I have to buy games frequently even though I may not find the time or the people to play them. A classic case was how I got Die Macher recently. This is like an all time classic. But reports say you need more players preferably the full quota. You also need 3 to 4 hours to play the game. Both these things are a rarity here but still I have to get the game when it has just been republished!

For Sale – 122 plays

This is a bit skewed I should say. The reason is that I was on a concert tour in the US last year and all my group members liked this so much and wanted to play it almost every day. We had so much fun and the game shines with a lot of strategy when played with 4. I rarely play this since I got back.

Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper – 26 plays

This really is the no 1 two player game that I play with Aarthi. The game is so wonderful and both of us are slowly getting into more and more different strategies of playing this. Every time I think of the learning curve that we had to go through I am not even confident I can teach another person and get them to play this with us!

Through the Desert – 24 plays

Again a bit skewed. My brother and sister in law were here in January last and most of the plays were logged then. Still a great game and little Sushanth has also picked up the game.

Alhambra – 22 plays

This is one of our staple games that we play 3 player when Varadu drops in during his lunch hour. There is a nice strategic feel when we play with 3 but can get chaotic with more players.

Puerto Rico – 22 plays

The no 1 game on the Geek! I finally got this and have enjoyed playing it so much. In fact apart from Aarthi and Shreyasi at home atleast 4 or 5 others have learnt the game and enjoy it. This will be a solid game to play whenever there are more players.

Transeuropa – 21 plays

Again mostly played on the my US tour with my group. Did not see much plays later. A good intro to a train game. Must be played with the full quota to get more fun out of it.

Bohnanza – 20 plays

Shreyasi’s friends Sai and Guha love this and we get a lot of 5 player sessions in. Aarthi and me also play a number of 2 player bean duels. Good fun.

The Settlers of Catan – 19 plays

Another luchtime favorite of Varadu’s. We mostly play 3 player sessions and I mostly win! One of the very few games that I win a bit more than Aarthi. Otherwise she wins most of the games.

Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 – 19 plays

The current hot game in the household. all these were played in December alone!

Elasund: The First City of Catan – 18 plays

This is surprising. I never though we had played so much of this. When I got it first it was mostly 2 player. But now we got in a few 3 and 4 player games and it is great. Aarthi however will not play Elasund if we have played Settlers recently. There is a similar feel but I like both games and do not mind playing them at anytime.

Atlantic Star – 17 plays

The new star in our gaming collection. Great great little game. I got it for 10 euros in a sale in a German game store. I bought it because it said Dirk Henn and I had liked Alhambra.

Modern Art – 17 plays

You can call it the local Knizia favorite. Everyone loves this and doesn’t mind a play.

Hansa – 14 plays

A surprise this year. I got this because I like Michael Schacht. Even the game got some not so good reviews and Srikanth agreed to the reviewer that it is a boring game, aarthi and me love playing it!

Ticket to Ride – 14 plays

After the arrival of the new edition this has petered down completely. Most of the plays were done in Australia when I was there. Mohan had not got Marklin and USA 1910 was not out then.

Carcassonne – 13 plays

Another favorite for Aarthi and me. We literally play only 2 player sessions these days. But the game is growing on us like Mystery Rummy and gets plays on a regular basis.

I have to add 2 more games that saw 13 plays so the list actually will have more than 15 games I guess!

Ra – 13 plays

A simple game to get people into gaming. We had a number of plays but spread over the year. The surprise was Sushanth picked it up easily!

Thurn & Taxis – 13 plays

Again mostly 2 player sessions but with Srikanth picking up the game we had some good 3 player sessions in December.


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