Games played December 06

December – The month I work most in the year. Also the month when I never travel. So it usually means a good gaming month. I had a good month with 73 plays in toto.

Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 – A whopping 19 plays. This was easily the star of the month.We have enjoyed TTR so much ever since I got it in mid 2005. But plays kind of tapered down to almost zero this year. Especially After I got TTR Marklin. We had gotten bored with the old game. But this is great! This game has 3 ways to play the game. It has a completely new set of destination tickets and train cards. Bigger and more like the new TTR games. Of the three the 1910 version is a bit boring. The big cities game is great. But we had only one play of it. We loved the mega game played with 69 tickets. The rush for train cards, and the choice between picking additional tickets etc all add so much fun and excitement to the game. I think it will take longer for us to get tired of this one. The game is superb with 4 or 5 players. If you have played TTR in the past and like it just get this one. Terrific value for money!

Atlantic Star, Coda & Elasund all had 5 plays each. Aarthi and me love Atlantic Star and will play it any day. Shreyasi played one game and hated it. I am happy Srikanth learnt it early and we had good 3 player sessions which were exciting. Coda was basically played with Sushanth. Elasund made a good comeback to the table. When I had got the game in the beginning we usually had only 2 player sessions with Aarthi. But with my sister and Srikanth both picking up the game we had much better plays this month. Elasund really shines with 4 the most. 3 is also ok but we got bored of the 2 player version.

Union Pacific – 4 plays. A new game that I got last month. I had seen it in a game store Saarbrucken but did not get it. Fortunately someone was kind enough to bring it for me and I got it sent through a student. I like Alan Moon and had read a lot of good reviews of this one. My reactions? Firstly it is not a train game. It is a stock game. But having said that I really liked the game. Shreyasi also learnt it and enjoyed playing it. But we had only 1 4 player session and could not get it on the table more often. This has potential and will stand the distance in the long run I think.

Mr Jack, Puerto Rico, Ra & Thurn & Taxis – 3 plays each. I have already written about T&T. Srikanth learnt Puerto Rico and we had some excellent 4 player with Aarthi and my sister joining in. Really wish we had played it more. Ra was good fun. Mr Jack was the new game I got. Like it but have to play it more often before we can get the strategies going. Unless we get familiar with the characters a bit more it is a pain to constantly refer to the rule sheet. Anyway I think there will be more plays of this in the coming months.

Cartagena, Hansa, Hare & Tortoise, Hexen Rennen, Modern Art, Rat-a-tat Cat, The Settlers of Catan & Zertz – 2 plays each. Modern Art is a great great game and always gives good value as does Settlers. We’ve played so much of H & T in the past. Srikanth did not like it much I think. Hansa was classified as boring. Aarthi and me love it so it will be only 2 player sessions I think.

Category 5, Crazy Chicken, Elfenland, Feuerschlucker, For Sale, Railroad Tycoon, Ticket to Ride – Marklin edition – 1 play each. I love RRT but the length seems to be a dampener and with TTR 1910 coming in it was mostly preferred. Srikanth learnt Elfenland and liked it. But then it was late in the month and plays had come down during that period generally.

Overall a happy enough month of gaming. I really wanted to get Caylus out but it never happened. I am looking forward to playing it and Goa this month hopefully.


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