Gaming on a rainy day

It is a rainy day here in Chennai. Children have been asked to stay home by the Government of Tamil Nadu. So we decided to open Diamant which I had got from my German trip last month. We played 3 continuous  games of with Aarthi, Sushanth and Shreyasi making up the 4 players with me. I had a good win twice out of the 3 games. Everyone enjoyed the game very much especially Sushanth. Finally we have more games that Sushanth can also join in. Later in the afternoon we played an exciting 3 player game of Atlantic Star. Aarthi won with 75 points followed by Shreyasi (her 1st game) with 74 and myself 73. This was such a close game and after 6 plays of 2 player games with Aarthi this was different and interesting. This is a great game. Shreyasi found the going tough after a point but overall the experience was terrific. Super buy for just 10 euros.

In the evening Guha also joined  and we played 2 more games of Diamant this time with 5 players. This is a quick fast filler and a lot of fun. A good gateway game to get people into gaming. We rounded off the evening with Railroad Tycoon a 4 player game. Aarthi beat quite comfortably in the end. She had a free run on the east coast while Guha and me were fighting it out around Chicago.

Hopefully after the kids sleep Aarthi and me can get in Hansa and Crazy Chicken!


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