Giro Galoppo – Game review

I first came across this game in Bruno Faidutti’s site about kids games. Sushanth misses playing so many of the games in my collection and I wanted to get some more games that he could play.

Gio Galoppo
Anyway Giro Galoppo is just that. A very good children’s game that scales well from 5 years. The moment I brought the game out Sushanht’s eyes lighted up and he asked me “Does the game have these toys that are there on the cover?” The cover had a picture of horses and riders. The game itself is a simple race game. The track has 3 types of spaces. Grass spaces, Sand spaces and natural obstacles. There are 5 other wooden obstacle pieces that can be placed at random on the sand spaces to bring more variety and replayability. Each player has a horse and a rider. The pieces are wooden and excellent in quality. Each player also gets six movement cards numbered from 1 to 6 that they can play from their hand. After six turns the cards are taken back into the hand to continue. Movement is the number of spaces the card depicts. The only rules to be followed are, no two tokens can be on the same space. This means that if one were to land on a space where someone else occupied, then he/she has to be moved BACK to the next unoccupied space! Also if the player is likely to land on an obstacle, then h/she stays where they are without moving!. There is a finish line and there are spaces beyond the finish line also. This is to give a chance to the other players to puch back the leader if they can also finish in that turn and thereby upset the final standings!

The game is very light, plays very fast in about 20 minutes and can be good fun to play with the younger children. The best compliment for the game could be my son Sushanth’s statement ” Can I just play with the pieces for sometime on my own after the game is over?”


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