Gaming session with the kids

Shreyasi is down with fever. Sushanth was begging for a gaming session. So the four of us finally decided to have a family session. After the initial arguments about what games t play aarthi came up with the idea of drawing lots. So 3 games were suggested by Shreyasi and Sushanth. The six were written on pieces of paper and I picked up. We ended up with Mille Bornes, Marrakesh & Ra.

We decided on individual plays instead of tems for Mille Bornes and Shreyasi won easily with Sushanth coming in a close second. We next played Ra. Even though Sushanth is only 6 he knows the game verry well and can play it. Yesterday he was just in the mood for passing everything making things easy for Shreyasi to win comfortably. Sushanth opted out of Marrakesh after an argument with Shreyasi on who should start first! So we played a 3 player and I won comfortably.


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