Just 1 play so far!

I was just going through the list of owned games that I maintain on BGG. as I was browsing through the list I found the following had been played just once.

Settlers of Catan – The card game – Now I really liked Settlers and thought the card game would be a good chance to play with Aarthi on a regular basis. After the first play she just thought that turning the cards around to indicate resources held was a bad idea. Anyway I really liked the game and I hope I can convince her to play more of it.

Bang – I played a 5 player game of this with some people who were complete gaming newbies and the game never sat down. I really have to sit with the rules before getting it in one of our weekend sessions.

Hellas – The soldiers in the game kept falling down! We had the German edition and we found it a bit cumbersome to refer to translations everytime. It was our first real confrontation style game. Just never clicked I think.

Industria – Seemed like a good game and I think it will grow on us after another playing. But getting so many other games since then has kept this out from hitting the table.

Terra – Bruno Faidutti, on sale at 75% but the game was a bore really.

Louis IV – Highly rated and a very good game. But getting through the rules was really tough. The first play was quite fiddly and I think we are not yet ready for this.


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