Games played September 06

A low month of gaming. Was away from home for most of the month and gaming really suffered. But I did get a few new games played however.

Top games played with 3 plays each – China Moon, Coda & Puerto Rico.

China Moon was played for the first time and is a simple nice filler with interesting choices and options. Coda is a good deduction game, a slightly more interesting version of the old Mastermind.

Bohnanza, Crazy Chicken, Feuer Schlucker, Hansa, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, Railroad Tycoon, San Juan, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride Marklin all had 2 plays each.

Of these Crazy Chicken, Feuerschlucker, and Railroad Tycoon was played for the first time. We played watered down versions of RRT because of time concerns and I am looking forward to playing a full game this evening.

Alhambra, Buy Low Sell High, Carcassonne, Hare & Tortoise, Lost Cities, Lowenherz, New England, Rat-a-tat Cat & Transeuropa all had 1 play each.


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