Feuer Schlucker – Game review

I was in Frankfurt and just walked into a local department store. Saw a small card game by Reiner Knizia for just 4€ and just picked it up. The pictures of the cards at the back also did not have any text and i thought it must be playable easily. Came back checked out the Geek and saw a pretty low rank. Downloaded the rules and played a couple of 2 player games and found a pretty simple, fast filler with limited strategic options, some interactibility and fun.

The game has 55 cards and 36 spectator tiles. The theme is that the cards represent attractions in a circus and the tiles are spectators watching them. Each player starts a discard pile for himself by playing cards with the top card only being visible. The cards played provide opportunities to pick up spectators and the one with the most spectators in the end is the winner. Each player has a hand of 5 cards and this gets refilled back to 5 everytime cards are played.

The different cards are numbered cards (2,3 & 4), cotton candy vendor card, clown card, human pyramid card and leo the lion. Numbered cards allow u to pick up the number of spectators mentioned. But if some one else has also played the same numbered card in front of them then u can pick the requisite no of spectators from the guy who played that card the last. Cotton candy card allows u to pick up 2 spectators from any player. Human pyramid allows u to pick the no of spectators as there are visible among all the piles in front of the players. The clowns are the instance where u can play multiple cards and pick up as many spectators as cards played. Leo the lion adds a nice twist to the game. Every one gives up the no of spectators as the last card played in front of them depicts. All the discard piles and the remaining draw deck in reshuffled and the game continues.

The game ends when all the spectators are exhausted. There may be a case with the draw deck being exhausted and players holding onto the lion cards with some spectators still remaining. In this case play just goes on without any drawing of cards.

The couple of games we played were very close and tight in the scoring. Not too much strategy can be employed especially as the hand is just limited to 5 cards. But there is a very nice rhythm and flow to the game and I have a feeling it could be very chaotic and fun with the full 5 players.


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