A couple of new games played last weekend

Last weekend I finally managed to open a couple of new games and get them played. The first was the highly ranked Railroad Tycoon. For a guy who’s only experience of train games have been the three TTRs and Transeuropa this was a good step up in terms of gameplay and complexity. The game board is beautiful and huge and the components like the share certificates and the money used are just great! We only played a couple of beginner games without the Western Link, Railroad operations or Railroad Tycoon cards. The game has a good flow and feel to it and with the cards included should be really engaging and exciting. I am looking forward to a good long game once I get back from my Europe trip next month.

The other new game I opened was Coda. I slightly more improved version of the old Mastermind, it is quick fast and interesting. We had 2 plays, one 2 player and one 3 player and both were different and interesting. Great filler for a game session.

Am off to Europe for the next month or so. Am definitely trying to catch atleast the first day in Essen. Unfortunately 21st is Deepavali – the Festival of Lights here in India. So I have to get back in time to be with the family. Atleast I am looking forward to getting a taste of Essen this year and hopefully I can make a full stay next year. So anybody sees an Indian on the first day at Essen, just feel free to ask ‘Are u you Sanjay?!?’


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