Games played August 06

Travel brought down the total number of plays to 38 games in the month. The top games were Lost Cities, San Juan & Ticket to Ride. Rediscovering San Juan was the highlight of the month’s gaming. Aarthi and me had played so many games and had forgotten it for almost 6 months or more. TTR was played in Australia only. I had given the game to Mohan and decided to get it back.

Buy Low Sell High and Mystery Rummy Jack the Ripper logged 4 plays each. BLSH is one of the new games of the month. Decent game but not ‘fun’ in that sense.
Ticket to Ride Marklin was teh new hit of the month.I got the game from a friend early in the month and I logged 3 plays before I was off on travel.

Hansa & Settlers had 2 plays each.

Alhambra, Cartagena, Elasund, Lowenherz and Settlers – the card game all logged 1 play each. Settlers the card game was opened only yesterday.

Overall a low play month I should say.


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