Gaming in Oz

The last week or so has been great in Australia. We managed to get some good gaming done though I was a bit handicapped becos I only had about 3 games with me. The new game I played was Reiner Knizia’s Buy Low Sell High a game about stock market trading. I really liked the game and the elegance of the mechanics. Again like Knizia games the stock bits have a way of getting knocked over very easily! It is a good game though and very simple to explain to people also. Also played Lost Cities, Setlers, Alhambra and Ticket to Ride. Charu and Suresh have been introduced to gaming and they are hooked! I visited Mind Games a boardgame store in Swanston street in Mebourne. A nice collection of games with a good stock of euros. I bought the Kramer game Wildlife for 45 Au$ and Settlers card game for 30 Au$.


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