Games played July 06

I look forward to the 1st of every month to chronicle my last month’s gaming activities. So here they are.

Bohnanza – Tops the list with 9 plays. I got the game last year and have been playing only 2 player games with Aarthi. Then sometime last December Shreyasi learnt the game and really liked it. This summer during the school holidays Sai and Guha also learnt the game and began enjoying it so much. This month we played many 5/4 player games. Shreyasi is at her emotional best in this game blackmailing her parents to donating beans she wants. Guha seems to have a good strategy of regularly donating unwanted beans and managing to win some of the games. Two of the games were very close with one game getting scores of 22, 21, 20, 19 and 18!!!

Alhambra – 7 plays for the month. Except for 1 two player with Aarthi, the rest were all 3 player games with Aarthi and Varadu. Seems like fatigue had caught up with us towards the end of the month especially after Varadu expressed the wish to learn a few more of the games.

Rat – A – Tat Cat – 7 plays. A new acquisition this month mainly for Sushanth who lingers around the gaming area wanting to participate actively. This was a good addition and everyone likes it. A good game for kids and a good filler for adults. After a long session of Funkenschlag Aravind really enjoyed a couple of plays of this.

Hansa – I have a sentimental attachment to Michael Schacht because the first game I got was Coloretto. I had got Hansa only recently and immediately it was introduced to everyone. Aravind and Bharati enjoyed the game. Shreyasi likes it because there is money in it. Aarthi still hasn’t got into the logic of the game completely but like it with 3 or 4 players. Varadu played his second game yesterday and it was a close tussle with Aarthi and me tied at 45 points each and 14 market booths on the board. So with 6 plays for the month this was good.

The Settlers of Catan – This Aarthi’s favorite game and Varadu also likes it very much. So once a week during Varadu’s lunch hour wee get in a session of Settlers. I have had a good winning streak the last many plays until Aarthi won a very close game with Varadu and me ready to win on our next turns. It was the closest game we had so far. 5 plays for the month.

4 plays
Carcassonne – It is really growing on us now especially the 2 player version. More strategies are slowly unravelling and the game is getting meaner.

Elasund – We have gotten boared of playing the 2 player version now. Need to introduce it to Varadu soon.

Hare & Tortoise – I finally won a very close game this month.

Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper – My winning streak was finally broken by Aarthi at the end of the month.

Power Grid: Italy/France – Excellent expansion to the original game. Power Grid is my favorite all time number 1 game and the new expansion with a slight variation in the way the goods are allocated initially changes the complexion of the game completely. I have had this for the last 4 months and finally opened it and it immediately saw 4 plays.

3 plays – For Sale, Lost Cities, Through the Desert & Trans Europa
Finally the plays for For Sale has come down. Lost Cities was a new acqusition this month. But has not seen too many plays. Aarthi does not like the size of the cards!

2 plays – Modern Art, Power Grid, Ra, Royal Turf, Samurai & Schildkroetenrennen

Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers,¬†Cartagena, Coloretto, Euphrat & Tigris, Puerto Rico, San Juan, That’s Life!, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Vampire & Zertz all getting 1 play each. Of the above the most refreshing was San Juan. We got back to the game after more than 6 months. Especially since I got Puerto Rico I have not played San Juan. It was great fun and I am going to write a comparative review. Euphrat & Tigris was a disaster again! Aarthi just cannot get into the game. It will be a few months before it hits the table unless Mr Scott Nicholson can post a video of this soon! Aarthi does not like H & G either.

Overall a good month of gaming. Not much travel for me. Varadu came in atleast 3 times a week. Even Aravind and Bharati came about 3 times this month as did Sai and Guha. Aarthi and me have also gamed a lot of 2 player games. And many games hit the table again. But I am already depressed about August gaming. With travel on the up I don’t think I will be able to get in even 30 plays overall. Let us see how my forecast works.


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