Game Obesity!?

The last couple of months I have been working out regularly at the gym and have managed to deal with my physical obesity a little better. And I stumble upon this article. I am a candidate for Game Obesity. Not yet but I can see the calories climbing up just a bit. Of the 50 odd games that I own there are already about 8-10 games that are still lying shrink wrapped and unopened. I will be getting another 3 or 4 games this month. I am travelling to Australia next month where I hope to get some of the Dan Bone designed games or maybe a copy of Subbuteo cricket at a thrift store. I will be going to Germany in September and I will dispose off all the clothes and other stuff I carry so that I have space in my suitcases to carry back games. Srikanth is coming to India in December from Canada and I already know what I want from him. So that means I will be stacking up calories worth atleast 15-20 games in the next 6 months. I am travelling for 3 of those 6 months and the prospects of playing them are very very dim. So by January 2007 my collection could reach 75 games with a third of them completely unopened and unplayed. Game Obesity will be catching up with me very very soon!

Gone Gaming: GAME STORE CONFIDENTIAL ~ Does this copy of Gettysburg make me look phat?

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Settlers of Catan – A win and without a development card!

I was just checking my games played stats on BGG and found that including today’s play I have logged 20 plays of Settlers. I have just won twice I think and the last time must have been some 6 months back

It was sweet to get a win today. Of course Aarthi and me had weaker third player today in Varadarajan who was just playing his 2nd game and that too after almost 6 months. So it was a straight contest between me and Aarthi. Now Aarthi usually beats me in games like Puerto Rico, Funkenschlag and Settlers quite frequently. Today I tried a different strategy. I had got a settlement near an ore tile with an 8 on it. I also got my second settlement closer to the 2 for 1 ore water tile hoping to build a port there to trade easily. I also concentrated on converting my settlement into a city fast. Aarthi got a head start with road building but got lost a bit. My road was much more linear and I managed to get a straight path of 13 segments. Aarthi could manage only 12 with 2 segments being built elsewhere.

I also got the ore trade working well and quickly built a 3 for 1 trade port also. I never got a single development card in this game and just concentrated on using the trades to build roads to get the longest road. Varadarajan was quite lost in the middle. Finally I won easily with 3 cities, 2 settlements and the longest road.

Pferdemist – Interesting kids game!

Sounds like a really interesting kids game. Must get this sometime.

BGG Thread: Use horse droppings to teach basic strategy to kids!

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Soon to strike here in Chennai

I am the guy who brought this virus just after India thought the had seen the last of SARS!

Gone Gaming: New Epidemic Sweeps the Nation

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Games played – June 06

June was not good as May. The reason of course was that the school had reopened and kids were not frequently available for gaming. So it was back to 2 player gaming mostly with Aarthi. The difference was that we played 23 different games in about 44 plays overall. So atleast I got to go through a major portion of my collection atleast once.

The hottest game of the month was Alhambra with 8 plays.

Mystery Rummy – Jack the Ripper, our no 1 two player game had 4 plays.

Carcassonne, Elasund & Puerto Rico had 3 plays each. I have had Carcassonne with me for a year now. It is growing on us as a very enjoyable 2 player game.

Balloon Cup, Elfenland, For Sale, Schildkroentenrennen and That’s Life had 2 plays each.

Bohnanza, Cartagena, Citadels, Hare & Tortoise, Loopin Louie, Louis XIV, Lowenherz, Maginor, New England, Ra, Settlers of Catan, Transeuropa, Zertz – 1 play each.

Louis XIV was the only new game we played last month. It was ok for a first play. We need to play a few more times to see if it will see the table more often. I am kind of resigned to playing it just 2 player with Aarthi. The thought of teaching it to some one is a nightmare!

Maginor must be the game least enjoyed by us so far. Absolutely boring game!