Make the most of 40-45 minutes!

Here in Chennai we do not have a boardgaming of months  club. It is not practically possible to have regular gaming nights also. One reason is the nature of my profession entails a lot of travelling which is unexpected. It can also be that I am out of town for even a coupleat a stretch. I also have some very young children and you can imagine how our lives will actually revolve around them. Then of course there is the problem of enough people. Right now the number of people I have managed to introduce designer boardgames to is about 10-12. Of these 4 are at home including me!. 2 more are working professionals who only have weekends to squeeze in gaming time. There is one friend who regularly manages to come during his lunch hour and we get about 40-45 minutes of gaming. This could happen a couple of times each week. Gaming with my daughter is also restricted to this same time limit. She then has her TV programmes to catch up with etc etc etc. She also has a couple of friends who are in higher classes in school. They have a lot of school work etc and can again only play in the weekends. In the midst of tuitions and assignments they can squeeze in 40-45 minutes. So a majority of my personal gaming is 2 player games with the wife. This again is in the time slot of 40-45 minutes. She does have to catch up with house work, I have fone calls to attend.

Last night was a typical session with the wife. Kids are off to sleep. We have about 40-45 minutes to get some gaming done before retiring. I wanted to play the new Hansa that I had got last week. We had played it once and Aarthi was not completely taken in. Shreyasi played one game and seemed to like it and immediately said ‘ this is better than Elasund!’ Finally Aarthi just went to the game shelf and brought Samurai, Bohnanza and Cartagena. We actually finished all three games in 45 minutes flat. We had a lot of fun. Both of us play very fast with very little downtime especially in 2 player games. With three good fast games you can get enough variety and fun and make the most of 40-45 minutes! And the icing on the cake – I won all the 3 games played. Something I have never done against her.