A good long game night

After many months my brother in law Aravind and his wife Bharaticam home for a game night. The kids were packed off to sleep and Aarthi and me joined them at around 10 pm. We started with Funkenschlag. I was keen to play the France map of the new expansion while Aravind wanted to play Italy in honour of the new football World champs. We finally just settled on the Germany map instead. It was a close game between Aarthi and Aravind but Aarthi won easily in the end. I was quite behind with some bad strategy early that made me spend a lot to build a few cities. I also lost out on the bigger plants early.

We then went for a much lighter game and played Transeuropa. As soon as I explained the game Bharati was all excited at the simplicity and elegance of the game. But poor Bharati lost almost 9 spaces in the first round itself and finished the game in the second round. I won the first round but had 4 spaces to finish in the second and so tied for 1st place with Aarthi.

Now Aravind suggested For Sale. The first game was an easy win for me. But Aarthi played strongly and won the second game, her first win after nearly 20-25 plays! I now wanted to play Ra. It was a low scoring game and Aravind won over me easily with the others trailing. We next got out the house favorite Hare & Tortoise. We have played so many games of this so it was quite tense and close. Aarthi won over me by just one turn. Now I wanted to play Carcassonne, Bharati wanted to play Bohnanza. We debated some more but it was past 2 am. So we just played another round of Hare & Tortoise. This time I beat Bharati to the post by just 1 turn with Aravind just behind on the next turn. That was probably the closest game we had played in a long time now.

Overall a good long and enjoyable night of gaming. No interruptions from kids, parents, telephone calls!


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