Bomb blasts kill potential board gamers

The board gaming scene is just improving in India. People are getting aware of designer board games. And this happens

Bomb blasts kill potential board gamers

Atleast 183 people died. And they could have been potential board gamers. People who could have learnt about Settlers, Puerto Rico, Funkenschlag! They could have started a Mumbai Boardgaming club. They could have organised the first Indian Games Con in Matunga, Mumbai. They could have organised the National Boardgaming championships with the winners being sent to Essen for the World championships. But some moron terrorists thought otherwise.

I am so upset over the above incident. Before someone can pounce on me for the rather sarcastic tone in the above post, I mentioned this because of the subject of my blog more than anything else. Seriously speaking if such people think that they can get their way by killing people they are sadly mistaken. These acts can only be committed by people who have no respect for themselves or for others. My heart goes out to the people of Mumbai who have borne the brunt of so many hardships. The earlier blasts, the crazy spell of rain last year and now this.


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