Game Obesity!?

The last couple of months I have been working out regularly at the gym and have managed to deal with my physical obesity a little better. And I stumble upon this article. I am a candidate for Game Obesity. Not yet but I can see the calories climbing up just a bit. Of the 50 odd games that I own there are already about 8-10 games that are still lying shrink wrapped and unopened. I will be getting another 3 or 4 games this month. I am travelling to Australia next month where I hope to get some of the Dan Bone designed games or maybe a copy of Subbuteo cricket at a thrift store. I will be going to Germany in September and I will dispose off all the clothes and other stuff I carry so that I have space in my suitcases to carry back games. Srikanth is coming to India in December from Canada and I already know what I want from him. So that means I will be stacking up calories worth atleast 15-20 games in the next 6 months. I am travelling for 3 of those 6 months and the prospects of playing them are very very dim. So by January 2007 my collection could reach 75 games with a third of them completely unopened and unplayed. Game Obesity will be catching up with me very very soon!

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