Settlers of Catan – A win and without a development card!

I was just checking my games played stats on BGG and found that including today’s play I have logged 20 plays of Settlers. I have just won twice I think and the last time must have been some 6 months back

It was sweet to get a win today. Of course Aarthi and me had weaker third player today in Varadarajan who was just playing his 2nd game and that too after almost 6 months. So it was a straight contest between me and Aarthi. Now Aarthi usually beats me in games like Puerto Rico, Funkenschlag and Settlers quite frequently. Today I tried a different strategy. I had got a settlement near an ore tile with an 8 on it. I also got my second settlement closer to the 2 for 1 ore water tile hoping to build a port there to trade easily. I also concentrated on converting my settlement into a city fast. Aarthi got a head start with road building but got lost a bit. My road was much more linear and I managed to get a straight path of 13 segments. Aarthi could manage only 12 with 2 segments being built elsewhere.

I also got the ore trade working well and quickly built a 3 for 1 trade port also. I never got a single development card in this game and just concentrated on using the trades to build roads to get the longest road. Varadarajan was quite lost in the middle. Finally I won easily with 3 cities, 2 settlements and the longest road.


Pferdemist – Interesting kids game!

Sounds like a really interesting kids game. Must get this sometime.

BGG Thread: Use horse droppings to teach basic strategy to kids!

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