Games played – June 06

June was not good as May. The reason of course was that the school had reopened and kids were not frequently available for gaming. So it was back to 2 player gaming mostly with Aarthi. The difference was that we played 23 different games in about 44 plays overall. So atleast I got to go through a major portion of my collection atleast once.

The hottest game of the month was Alhambra with 8 plays.

Mystery Rummy – Jack the Ripper, our no 1 two player game had 4 plays.

Carcassonne, Elasund & Puerto Rico had 3 plays each. I have had Carcassonne with me for a year now. It is growing on us as a very enjoyable 2 player game.

Balloon Cup, Elfenland, For Sale, Schildkroentenrennen and That’s Life had 2 plays each.

Bohnanza, Cartagena, Citadels, Hare & Tortoise, Loopin Louie, Louis XIV, Lowenherz, Maginor, New England, Ra, Settlers of Catan, Transeuropa, Zertz – 1 play each.

Louis XIV was the only new game we played last month. It was ok for a first play. We need to play a few more times to see if it will see the table more often. I am kind of resigned to playing it just 2 player with Aarthi. The thought of teaching it to some one is a nightmare!

Maginor must be the game least enjoyed by us so far. Absolutely boring game!


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