Winning without a quarry in Puerto Rico

We were having a discussion on how I have continuously lost Puerto Rico because my strategy of playing without a quarry was flawed. Maybe but I really wanted to prove a point. As we were getting ready for a game last evening Shreyasi insisted that we play Lowenherz. I normally give in to game demands because I am just happy to play as long as there are people willing. But this time I decided that I must play PR. Anyway the result was my 9 year old decided she will not game! So finally Aarthi managed to get Guha over and we played a 3 player PR. Again I  went in for a non quarry strategy. I began first so ad the corn advantage. This helped me in shipping early and stack up  victory points. Aarthi's strategy in going for coffee helped her finances and she managed stack up the doubloons to  build 2 big buildings. Guha also managed to build 2 big buildings while every time the builder phase came I was ad doubloon short. But a combination of shipping a lot of corn and frequent choosing of the mayor by Guha helped me a lot. The end result a sweet victory for me with 55 points!


One Response

  1. Excellent. You are entirely correct that you don’t need a quarry to win. Getting a quarry is simply a matter of situation.

    First move for first player is still best as Settler/quarry. And if he doesn’t take it, the next one should.

    Other than that, I will only take one if the rest of the plantations are wholly useless and I have nothing better to do.


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