Games played in May 06

May 06 was a pretty good month for gaming at home. For one I have not travelled much and secondly kids were at home with school holidays. Also the trip to Pune got my sister Aarathi also involved in the gaming and we managed to get a good many plays. Shreyasi's friends Sai and Guha joined us here in Chennai for many games. Overall a good month with 73 plays logged.

 For Sale – 23 plays

Simple intro game that continued to enjoy a lot of plays. The Coonoor trip itself logged many plays to increase the overall number.

Puerto Rico – 11 plays

The no 1 game on BGG finally was opened and played. No wonder it has become so popular with us. Pune was really great with a lot of PR being played. Back home we got a couple of 5 player games.

Coloretto – 5 plays

The Coonoor trip was the reason for so many plays. Have not played it after that.

Elasund – 5 plays

Mu current favorite game. But atleast 3 of the above were 2 player games with Aarthi. Need to get Shreyasi to play a few more with us.

Ra – 4 plays

Mostly in Pune except for 1 play at home with Aravind and Bharati.

Alhambra – 3 plays

Great game and is moving up in my current hot favorites and really closing in on Elasund. The 2 player is really exciting to play with Aarthi.

Other games played

Vampire – 2

Mille Bornes – 2

Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper – 2

Through the Desert – 2

Trans Europa – 2

Carassonne, Cartagena, Fearsome Floors, Hare & Tortoise, King Me!, Maginor, Modern Art, New England, Power Grid, Settlers of Catan: 5 & 6 player expansion, Terra – 1 play each


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