New England

I had got this game on a Funagain offer for just 10$. The first play happened in December last year and it was a complete disaster. Aarthi was sleepy though the rule reading and therewas some confusion on the the interpretation as well. The game just did not flow then.

Shreyasi had been bugging me to play a new game she had not played that had money in it. So I took out New England because I really thought there was more to the game than what I had seen. Aarthi also joined us on a 3 player and it played very very well. I took up a particular interpration of the confusing rule and the game flowed nicely with Shreyasi saying ‘Good game I like it!’ Of course she won the game with 34 points. I got 31 and Aarthi 29. One of these days I have to just count the number of times I come in 2nd place. I always seem to come in 2nd. Reminds me of the Seinfeld take on winning a silver medal at the Olympics!

Also checked BGG and found that my interpretation was right. In case you are planning on getting this it is a very good game. But please check out this also before you proceed to play. Will be useful.


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