Its a Knizia game! No wonder!

Renier Knizia is regarded as a superstar boardgame designer. The first Knizia we got was Samurai. As soon as I opened it, set the game up, the first thing that struck me and my wife was the fiddly nature of the components. In India we normally have a fan to provide air as centralised air conditioning is not exactly affordable in all residences. So the screens used in the game kept falling. The board itself is designed like a big jigsaw puzzle with 4 pieces that need to be fixed together. The quality is not really great and the board does not sit on a table easily.

The next Knizia we got was Tutankhamen. Nice interesting game that even my 5 year old could play. But the set up takes so long! So many small pieces that have to be arranged before the game starts. that small pyramid into which we slot the coins in keeps moving everytime some one wants to slot a coin.

And then we got Through the Desert. Wonderful game! We all loved it, but…. Try playing a 2 player game. First we have to get all the riders up on the camels. Then we have to fill the board up with the water holes. And then we start playing and finish the game so fast that the set up actually took longer! That's when my wife Aarthi first said "Reiner Knizia? No wonder!"

I got a small game called Maginor basically becasue it was a Knizia and it was available at 75% discount. This time the game and the components were fiddly. I can understand why the game is not highly ranked.

And then I finally got the game I had been wanting for a long time – Ra. Excellent game with interesting mechanics and choices and so easy to explain and get people to play. But look at the no of tiles in the game. You have to fill them all up into that black bag and then it is so heavy to pass around for people to pick! Aarthi exclaimed "Renier Knizia? No wonder!"

Of course there are other Knizia games that I have and feel good about. we have a small children's game called Schildkroetenrennen, that great horse racing game Royal Turf and his highest ranked game on BGG – Tigris and Euphrates. Not too much to complain about here though. Let me get more Knizia games and then see.


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