Last couple of days

Had some good gaming the last couple of days. Kids still have holidays and the afternoons generallyare filled with gaming. Shreyasi brings her friends over and I try and spend some time gaming with them.

Got back from kochi a couple of days back and so the last two afternoons were good. Elasund – The First city of Catan is really holding my attention now. Have already played 3 games since yesterday. 1 four player game and 2 two player games with aarthi. will sit and write a review tomorrow.

Puerto Rico – We played a good 4 player game today. Took about a half hour to go through the rules but we had a long game. I won with 65 points. Shreyasi's friends Sai and Guha were playing their first games and did creditably to come in 2nd and 3rd with 52 and 51 points. Poor Shreyasi came in last with 50! Very close game for the others. and after a number of playings this was the first time the game ended with all the victory points given out.

Also played Vampire, King Me, and Fearsome Floors.


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